Hantu Gangster Movie (A Namewee Film)


Hantu Gangster Movie (A Namewee Film)

Another film from Namewee after Nasi Lemak 2.0 !!!

Synopsis of Hantu Gangster:
A small town located in Klang, a rogue named Te Sai unknowingly stole a ring during a memorial ceremony of a group of gangster. The ring hosts three ghosts (the former gangster leaders) and the three ghosts haunt Te Sai. Te Sai soon finds out that the three gangster leaders were killed by a traitor (Ewan) with his personal agenda that will threatened the decades of unity between three groups. With the guidance from three ghosts, Te Sai must do what he cans to unify the gang and avoid a tragedy that may result in deaths of many innocent people.

Hantu Gangster Cast /Actors:

Namewee, Dato David Arumugam, Diana Danielle, Farid Kamil, Dato Jalaluddin Hassan, Dennis Lau, Mizz Nina, Reshmonu, Wah Gor, Fa Chai Bao, Amber Chia, Noh Hujan, Taijuddin Bakar, Miao Miao & more.

Hantu Gangster Trailer On Youtube:

* Hantu Gangster released date in cinema: 16th August 2012
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