Ramadhan Buffet 2012 Deals In Malaysia


Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur Ramadhan Buffet(TEMPTationS Restaurant)

Price: RM60 instead of RM110 (46% OFF)
Food: Includes large spread of local and international dishes ranging from whole roasted lamb, satay, ikan bakar, bubur lambuk and more. Wide variety of appetisers, hot dishes, soups, and desserts.
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Dorsett Regency Hotel Kuala Lumpur Ramadhan Buffet(The Checkers Cafe)

Price: RM65 instead of RM93 (31% OFF)
Food: Features an enourmous spread of local delights ranging from rice items, breads, noodles, sushi, meat carvings and so much more. Malay cuisine gourmands will go fanatical over the range of traditional Ramadan delicacies.
#Deal can be purchased at Dealmates before 31st July 2012.

Tirai Ratus Shah Alam Ramadhan Buffet

Price: RM19.95 instead of RM35 (43% OFF)
Food: Over 15 Different Varieties of Delicious Special Dishes. Daily Traditional Malay & Local Malaysian Cuisines with Different Rotating Menu Every Day.
#Deal can be purchased at Milkadeal before 24th July 2012.


Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur Ramadhan BuffetCoffee House

Price: RM74 instead of RM102 (28% OFF)
Food: Reward fasting foodies and patient stomachs with daily Ramadhan buffets set against the stunning skylines of Kuala Lumpur. Diners gorge on versatile spreads of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and international cuisine that include roasted whole lamb, satay, fresh seafood, dim sum, and briyani rice before dipping into large dessert pools with hot and cold options. Cleansing flavourful palates, iced drinks with fruit infusions wash down morsels while slick fingers flick across screens with available Wi-Fi.
#Deal Coupon can be purchased at Groupon before 24th July 2012.


The ZON Hotel Kuala Lumpur Ramadhan BuffetTerracotta Restaurant

Price: RM45 instead of RM75 (40% OFF)
Food: Growling tummies beckon impending arrivals of local delicacies as aromas from kambing panggang, satay, lemang with serunding ayam, and bubur lambuk serenade noses and tingling senses. Appetites begin from lingering tastes of rojak buah, jeruk buah-buahan, keropok and kerabu while diners pour free flow of coffee and teh tarik perindu into thirsts and enemies’ clothes. As clocks inch gradually towards late night, hands wander towards sweet desserts such as kuih Nyonya, French pastries, sago gula melaka, dodol, tapai, and compliments.
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