Abbot Nutrition Malaysia:FREE Glucerna SR Sample

Abbot Nutrition Malaysia:FREE Glucerna SR Sample
Try out the Abbot Nutrition Glucerna from Abbot Nutrition !!!
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About Abbot Glucerna SR:
Ideally-formulated for people with diabetes.GLUCERNA SR powder contains a unique, patented slow release carbohydrate system, designed to optimize glycemic control for people with abnormal glucose tolerance (type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus, and stress-induced hyperglycemia) compared to standard products. For supplemental or sole-source nutrition. For tube feeding or oral use. 

-Unique, patented slow release carbohydrate system designed to enhance postprandial blood glucose response. 2.8g dietary fiber per serving. 
-Fiber helps to normalize bowel function, support digestive tract health, & provides both soluble & insoluble fiber. 
-Fat blend in favor of MUFA to help in improving cardiovascular health. 
-Low calorie density (0.93 kcal/ml) to use a meal replacement and/or snack.

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