H2O Plus Skin Care Malaysia Promotion 2012

H2O Plus Skin Care Malaysia Promotion 2012
Enjoy 20 to 30% OFF for all skin care products at H2O+ The Mines !!!
* Discounts for skincare products with previous product packaging only.

13 Oct – while stock last.

H2O+ The Mines

-Purchase of one h2o+ product: 20% OFF
-Purchase of more than one h2o+ product: 30% OFF

About H2O Plus Skin Care:
Founded in 1989, H2O Plus makes purely powerful skincare products: water-based, oil-free formulas that are infused with skin-nourishing marine botanicals. Mission: You’ve never felt water like this before. The H2O Plus philosophy is pure, clean, simple and honest. We’re dedicated to bringing you the most innovative, effective skincare available. Our products are water-based and marine inspired with ingredients derived from the sea. You’ll emerge feeling healthier. Refreshed.

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