AES Detector Mobile Apps (For Android & iPhone)

AES Detector Mobile Apps (FREE For Android & iPhone)
Now we can download AES Speed Trap Camera Detector for Free via our smartphone.
We at will recommend these Top 3 AES Camera Detector Mobile Apps, and you are the one who decide to download which one you like :)

1) AES Detector by Kevin Chua
This application is developed to assist drivers to detect the new launching AES Camera. System will auto trigger alert sound to remind you when detected any AES Camera within 2000 meter from your driving point. Make sure you turn on your mobile phone speaker in order to hear the alert sound. 
Note : This application can only be used in MALAYSIA only
-Installs to date: 100k to 500k
-Rating: 4.4 Stars

# Download via Android Google Play: here
# Download via iPhone: here

2) AES Location Detector by jordyland
Designed to detect AES speed trap camera in Malaysia. 
Multiple Language support. (English, Chinese, Malay) 
Able to work with GPS alone without Internet connection. 
Sound alert feature. 
Show nearest camera at bottom screen
-Installs to date: 100k to 500k
-Ratings: 4.4 stars

# Download via Android Google Play: here

3) AES Detector with Map by Kevin Choong
First local made AES camera detector tool with interactive navigation mapping features. It assists when you are on the go, by showing surrounding AES cameras on map. Details of each camera can be shown with a single tap on them. This app can also be configured to alert you when cameras detected, with both speech and beep sound. A useful search function is there for you to locate a place by entering its latitude and longitude coordinates.
-Installs to date: 100k to 500k
-Ratings: 4.1 Stars

# Download via Android Google Play: here

Drive safely, care for your loved one.
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