BR1M 2012 Cash Aid Payment Date For Citizens & Students: February 2013


The payment for 1 Malaysia Cash Aid Scheme (BR1M 2012) for citizens as well as students will be made starting from February 2013, according to latest source from The Star.

The payment will be disbursed from February 2013 onwards. It is expected to benefit 4.3 million households as well as 2.7 million unmarried individuals involving RM3 billion.


BR1M 2012 Facts & Info:

1) BR1M 2.0 Student Scheme for Students from Primary School Standard One to Secondary School Form 5: RM100

2) BR1M 2.0 for household earning less than RM3k/month : RM500

3) BR1M 2.0 for individuals earning less than RM2k/month: RM250


* The payment will be made in cash voucher.

* Applicants will receive a formal letter regarding the application status.

BR1M 2012 Related:

# RM250 book vouchers for university / College / Matrix & Form 6 Students: here
# RM200 Smartphone allowance given to 21-30 years old with a monthly income of less than RM3000: here


The application for BR1M 2.0 will be ending on 31st December 2012.

Check out also the BR1M 2.0 Online Application under Budget 2013.

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