NEW Malaysia Driving License 15th July 2013

The Malaysia’s Transport Ministry will be introducing a brand new high security driving license starting from 15th July 2013 onward. The new Malaysia Driving License will be implemented nationwide at all branches of Road Transport Department.

The current version of driving license was introduced since 1989 & it’s easily falsify and get faulty. The new features of High-Security Driving License includes:

a) A pre-printed plastic card that has a unique lines that bears a specific security image.

b) Photos and driver’s information printed and protected with a layer of high secure hologram.

c) Thermal transfer technology printer with specific software.


Card holders are not required to provide passport photo for renewal / registration purpose as the department will retrieve the applicant’s photo from MyIndentity Database that was developed by National’s Registration Department & MAMPU.


The high security driving license does not cost extra for drivers. Applicants will be paying the current fees during renewal procedure at JPJ branches / offices across the nation.

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