Proton Saga SV RM250 Monthly Installment: Calculation & Payment


Proton Saga SV with RM250 monthly installment.

The latest Proton Saga Super Value was introduced on 16th June 2013 with the manual version having a price tag of only RM33,438 on-the-road. Now let us take a deeper look for the Rm250 monthly installment offer.

Proton Saga SV RM250 Monthly installment Promotion:

Down-payment: 10% = RM3,343.80

Monthly Installment:

First Year: RM250

2nd – 3rd Year: RM310

4th, 5th & 6th year: RM410

7th, 8th & 9th Year: RM500


* Based on the calculations, the annual interest will be approximately 4.5% which is not a smart move. Opt for 10% down-payment and NORMAL monthly installment (ignoring the RM250 monthly installment offer) to make the best savings for your car loan payment.


Proton Saga SV is a nice yet affordable car for youngster / first time car owner by judging the price tag alone. Visit your nearest Proton showroom today to book a test drive.


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