Biotherm Skin Care: Free Aquasource Deep Serum Sample


Register with Biotherm Skin Care via the link below to get your free Aquasource Deep Serum Sample. Aquasource Deep Serum is a deep moisture and light concentrate that leaves skin deeply bound with water: plump, fresh and silky.

About Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum :

Biotherm Aquasoure Deep Serum is the next-generation formula captures 3 times the concentrations of Aquasource’s regenerating Life Plankton and ultra-moisturizing Mannose to deliver deep hydration so skin looks radiant, re-plumped and regenerated. Deep Serum, our most powerful hydrating product that goes beyond deep hydration to unlock the glow within.


About Biotherm Skin Care:

BIOTHERM: Pioneering advanced aquatic biodiversity skincare. For 60 years, our biologists have researched the life mechanisms of the skin, discovering the remarkable efficacy of other active ingredients to create effective associations with thermal plankton, vitreoscilla filiformis.


Visit Biotherm Website to request for your free sample now.

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