Proton Suprima S vs Toyota Vios, Honda City & Nissan Almera


Proton Suprima S vs Toyota Vios, Honda City & Nissan Almera. A comparison among cars with budget around RM70k to RM80k in terms of Engine, Transmission, peak power & torque.

Proton Suprima S:

Engine: 1.6l Campro Turbo / 1561 cc

Peak Power: 140 HP, 5000 rpm

Peak Torque: 205 Nm, 2000 – 4000 rpm

Transmission: 7-Speed Protonic CVT Automatic

RRP: RM76,688

* Take a look at Proton Suprima S exterior & interior photos here.


Toyota Vios E:

Engine: 1.5l DOHC with VVT-i / 1497 cc

Peak Power: 109 HP, 6000 rpm

Peak Torque: 141 Nm, 4200 rpm

Transmission: 4-speed Automatic with Super ECT

RRP: RM82,900

* ALL-NEW Toyota Vios 2013 coming this October 2013.



Honda City E

Engine: 1.5l SOHC i-VTEC / 1497 cc

Peak Power: 120 HP, 6600 rpm

Peak Torque: 145 Nm, 4800 rpm

Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic with Shift Hold Control

RRP: RM85,980

* Honda City E+: The Value-added Honda City



Nissan Almera V

Engine: 1.5l DOHC with CVTC

Peak Power: 102 HP, 6000 rpm

Peak Torque: 139 Nm, 4000 rpm

Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic

RRP: RM76,815

* Learn more about Nissan Almera.



* Bear in mind that the comparison is not an apple-to-apple comparison as Proton Suprima S is a segment-C car while the others are segment-B sedan.

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