Tai Thong Mooncake 2013 Price List & Promotion


Check out the new flavours of Tai Thong Mooncake for Mid Autumn Festival 2013. Take a look at the Limited Edition Imperial Musang King Royale, filled with fresh, creamy and deeply aromatic Mao Shang Wang durian pulp & mousse.

Tai Thong Mooncakes New Flavour 2013:

Emerald Ferringhi

Limau Manis

White Mocha Delight

Black Forest Highland

Emperor’s Dream

Teh Tarik Delight

Tropical Trio

Sweet Paradise

Pineapple Sesame Crunch

Limited Edition Imperial Musang King Royale



Tai Thong Mooncake Price List 2013:

Kindly refer the illustration below for the latest Tai Thong Mooncake Price list for both baked skin & snow skin mooncakes.



* The Tai Thong’s Imperial Musang King Royale is RM78 for 2 pieces & it’s available at all Tai Thong Restaurants outlets in Malaysia. ALL Tai Thong Mooncakes are free of artificial colouring & flavouring, certified HALAL by JAKIM.


Visit your nearest Mooncakes Promotion Booth or supermarket to grab the latest Tai Thong Mooncakes.

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