Burger King Restaurant Snackin Deals Promotion


Enjoy the all-new Burger King Restaurant’s Snackin Deals. Your favourite snack now selling from only RM0.85.


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Burger King Restaurants


Food Promotions:

BK Cone RM1 (Now RM0.85)

Fries (S) RM3.55 (Now RM1.95)

Cheezy Wedges (L) RM4.95 (Now RM2.95)

Nescafe Ice (M) RM4.55 (Now RM3.55)

Frozen Fanta RM4.55 (Now RM3.95)


* No minimum purchase required.


About Burger King Restaurant:

Founded in 1954, BURGER KING is a global, quick-service restaurant chain with over 12,100 locations in 74 countries that serves more than 11.4 million people daily. That’s a lot of flame-broiled tastiness going into lots of different mouths that speak lots of different languages. BURGER KING® restaurants is also the home of the world-famous WHOPPER® sandwich.


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