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About Dutch Lady ActivGold:

Dutch Lady ActivGold™ is a formulated milk powder for children above 1 year old (Step 3 & Step 4.)

Did you know that energy for the body is not the same as energy for the brain?
In a child’s early years, they are exposed to many opportunities to learn. And as parents, we would like our child to learn as much as possible early in life. So, how can we support a child’s rapid development and active learning?

We need to provide them with the energy his/her brain requires.


About Dutch Lady Malaysia:

A trusted brand since 1963, Dutch Lady Malaysia has been spreading the goodness of milk through it’s various activities and product innovations. Together with milk lovers, Dutch Lady aims to have milk be a part of everyone’s life, where it is celebrated not just for it’s nutritional benefits, but also for the delightful moments of joy, fun and togetherness milk brings.


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