Hotlink Free Basic Internet Prepaid Plan


Enjoy free basic internet with Hotlink at no extra charge and stay connected always. Just keep your Hotlink account active and you can enjoy worry-free surfing anytime, anywhere.

Hotlink Free Internet Prepaid Plan:

– Call at 12 SEN / 30 SECS to ALL Networks

– 7 SEN/ SMS to ALL Networks

– Free Basic Internet with 64kbps speed

– High Speed Internet for only RM1

– Enjoy up to 8% bonus credit based on your total top-up amount every 2 months


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is FREE Basic Internet of #Hotlink Plan?

Basic Internet is Internet at reduced speed.


What is the speed limit of Basic Internet?

Basic Internet allows you to surf with speeds of up to 64kbps.


How do I get FREE Basic Internet?

All subscribers who are active will get FREE Basic Internet. Simply top up to stay active.


I am currently on Hotlink Extra/Basic/SMS/Talk Plan/ Hotlink 2.0 & 3.0. Can I migrate to this new plan? How do I migrate?

Yes, all plans can migrate, except for Hotlink Youth Club, Hotlink Campus Edition, Hotlink Broadband, Hotlink Sabah/Sarawak/Terengganu/Kelantan Plan.

  1. Just dial *108*25# to upgrade to #Hotlink Plan.
  2. Alternatively, you can dial *100# > Hotlink Specials > Upgrade to New Hotlink Plan.


Get More Terms & Conditions at Hotlink.


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