San Francisco Coffee: FREE 1,000 Mo’ Mocha Frappes Giveaway


San Francisco Coffee: Be the first 1,000 to get FREE 12 oz Mo’ Mocha Frisco Frappe at San Francisco Sungei Wang Main Entrance.


15 October 2013



San Francisco Coffee Sungei Wang Main Entrance


About San Francisco Coffee:

In 1997, a coffee company with a simple, yet noble mission was created. That company was San Francisco Coffee, and our mission was to save good people from bad coffee. Fast forward to today and we’ve stuck to our guns, still brewing the good brew, and giving the population it’s fix. We serve fresh coffee sourced from the best coffee farms on this green earth and our roastmaster, uses them to concoct blends and roasts that have the people wringing their hands, anxious for their next hit.


Visit San Francisco at Sungei Wang to enjoy your Free Mocha Frappes.

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