DentalPro Malaysia: FREE 2,000 Toothpaste Sample


Request for your free DentalPro Toothpaste to be delivered right to your doorstep. Valid for the first 2,000 applicants only.


Now – 31 March 2014


How to get Free Dental Pro Toothpaste:

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3. Click on this link below and fill up your details:
4. Dental Pro Malaysia will deliver your free gift to you.


About Dental Pro Toothpaste:

A toothpaste with 5 main functions that deal with most people’s oral concerns. Fight cavities, Prevent Gum Problems, Gleaming Teeth, Stop Tartar and Fresh Breath.

  1. Stop Cavities from growing
    Medicinal Fluoride (Sodium Fluoride) helps strengthen tooth substances and stop cavities from growing.
  2. Prevent Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease
    Depotassium Glycyrrhizate in the toothpaste has anti-inflammatory effect and helps to fight against periodontal diseases.
  3. Get Gleaming White teeth
    Smoking and drinking coffee can result in the teeth turning yellow, with obvious stain staying on the teeth. Stain control ingredients will reach into areas where toothbrush cannot reach and clean off stains gently, prevent futher stain from forming and keep the teeth white.
  4. Prevent deposition of Tartar
    Toothpaste containing Zinc Lactate that helps prevent deposition of tartar.
  5. Get lasting Fresh Breath
    Almost 80% of the cause for bad breath is bacteria which will also lead to problems like gingivitis. TotalCare kills bacteria inside the mouth and prevents bad breath.


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