Burger King Malaysia: BK Freebie Giveaway


Grab a BK Freebie with any meal purchase at Burger King Restaurants Malaysia. While stock last.


While stock last



Burger King Restaurants nationwide


About Burger King Malaysia:

While the vision for the BURGER KING® brand hasn’t changed over time, our restaurants have. The early BURGER KING® restaurants distinguished themselves from others by their self-serve ordering and outdoor patio seating. Burger King Corporation pioneered dining rooms in the fast food industry when it began to enclose its patio seating in 1957. For the first time, fast-food customers could comfortably eat their food at a table inside a restaurant. Burger King Corporation demonstrated its innovation again in 1975 when it began to offer drive-thru service at its restaurants, appealing to increasingly mobile and time-conscious consumers.

When it comes to marketing the brand, a “winner takes all” attitude has fueled some of the most creative campaigns that wet the appetite of our customers. Burger King Corporation began airing its first television commercial in 1958 and our first major promotion, ‘The Bigger the Burger, the Better the Burger,’ debuted in 1968.


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