Hotlink Talk Super Savers: RM1 for 1 Hour Calls


Hotlink Talk Super Savers: Pay only RM1 for 1 hour calls everyday. Let your loved ones hear your voice for longer.


17 to 31 March 2014



12am to 11:59pm


How to enjoy RM1 1 Hour Calls:

Dial 131 followed by mobile phone number. Eg: 1310127789234


Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid on the day of purchase from 12am-9am.
  • Valid for call to Maxis/Hotlink users only.
  • Only 1 Talk Super Savers package can be purchased at a time – if you’ve finished your talktime, you may then buy another one.



What is Super Savers Call?

Customer can call Maxis/Hotlink number for 1 hour for only RM1 per call

When can I enjoy this offer?

Daily from 17th March to 31st March 2014.

Who are entitled to this offer?

Hotlink customers only.

How do I enjoy Hotlink Super Savers Call?

Dial 131 followed by mobile phone number. Eg: 1310127789234

Can I use the promo to call other network?

No, calls are valid within Hotlink and Maxis networks only.

I have just finished 60 minutes call for party ‘A’. Will I be eligible for the same rate if I call party ‘B’?

Yes. Just dial 131 followed by party ‘B’ phone number to enjoy this promotion.

My talk time with party ‘A’ ended on the 40th minute. Can I make a call to party ‘B’ to enjoy the balance talk time of 20 minutes?

No, offer valid per call basis only. To enjoy the same offer for your next call, dial 131 followed by mobile phone number.

Will the call be automatically cut off at the 60th minute?


Does this offer include IDD calls?



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