Nana’s Green Tea Cafe at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley


The first Nana’s Green Tea Cafe in Malaysia is now opened at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City.


Lot 231A, Lower Ground Floor,

The Gardens Mall,

Mid Valley City Kuala Lumpur


Nana’s Green Tea Cafe Menu:

Matcha Soft Cream Anmitsu

Matcha “Gateaux Chocolat” Parfait

Hoji “Warabimochi” Parfait

Locomoco Hamburg

Salmon Don

and more !!!


Nana’s Green Time Lunch Promotion:



About Nana’s Green Tea Cafe:

Nana’s Green Tea was established in Japan, a pioneer of Japanese Café dealing with “Matcha”, green powdered tea. “Nana’s green tea” became popular to be regarded as Japanese Starbucks and achieved the evaluation of No.1 brand among Japanese cafe. There are more than 60 branches have opened throughout Japan. With the aim is to introduce the excellent Japanese food culture and tradition to the world and enrich people’s life.

20 years ago, a Japanese man came across a US cooperation Starbucks café, a cafe based coffee restaurant, in Japan which attracted many Japanese and were very popular to people from other countries as well. Drinking tea is Japanese’s culture; however people are so attracted to drinking coffee rather than tea. He became worried that the habit of drinking tea will be taken over by coffee. This inspired him to open the first Nana’s green tea in Jiyugaoka that is famously known in Japan throughout the years. It is based on green tea that was famously originated from Japan which has many benefits to our body, and well known for its cancer-fighting properties.

Now, the 1st Nana’s Green Tea café will be landing to Malaysia, and the 1st model shop will be in The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, KL.


Visit Nana’s Green Tea Cafe at The Gardens Mall Mid Valley today.

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