New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream: FREE Upsize Offer


Enjoy FREE Upsize for your New Zealand Natural ice-Cream. Upsize to large with purchase of a regular ice-cream.


May 2014



New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream outlets nationwide

(except KLCC)


About New Zealand Natural:

New Zealand Natural is the leading premium ice cream brand in New Zealand and Australia, and is represented in many other countries around the world.

At New Zealand Natural, our ice creams come in full-cream flavours and we also offer 97% Fat-Free frozen yoghurts and 99% Fat-Free sorbets.

Besides ice cream, New Zealand Natural offers a wide variety of cold desserts including Milkshakes, Thickshakes, 100% pure fruit juices (without any added water, ice and sugar nonsense), satisfying Sundaes and refreshing Smoothies!


Visit your nearest New Zealand Natural outlet today.

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