Pizza Hut Restaurant: FREE Pizza Giveaway


Free Pizza Giveaway: Taste the new and improved pan pizza at all Pizza Hut outlets. More than 33,000 slices up for grabs !!


14 August 2014



12pm – 12:30pm



Pizza Hut & Pizza Hut Delivery Restaurants


* 33,000 slices of new pan pizza up for grab.

* First come first serve.


About Pizza Hut Malaysia:

Only Pizza Hut guarantees that your pizzas arrive hot and oven-fresh at your doorstep. Introducing the 1st in Malaysia. Pizza Hut Hot Pouch. It’s an innovative delivery bag that has built-in heating elements to keep your pizza piping hot. The bag is made of breathable nylon that prevents moisture from accumulating inside, so that your pizzas arrive crispy and fresh. And if it doesn’t, we will replace your pizza.

So, if you’d like to take-away your pizza or have them delivered to you hot and oven-fresh,call 1-300-88-2525.


Visit your nearest Pizza Hut outlet tomorrow to try out the new pan pizza.

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