Loudspeaker Karaoke: RM1 Sing K Promotion


Loudspeaker Karaoke: Sing K at Loudspeaker Sutera Utama outlet for only RM1 per pax! Offer valid from 18 to 30 September 2014.


18 – 30 September 2014

Sunday – Friday



5pm – 7pm



Loudspeaker Sutera Utama, Johor


Loudspeaker Karaoke RM1 Promotion:

Member Promo Rate: RM1 per pax.

min 4 pax per room


About Loudspeaker Karaoke:

Loud Speaker and her ideology is conceived by a group of karaoke fanatics like you! Like you, we have travelled in search of the “best” karaoke joints and have ideas of how a karaoke should ideally be like. With these as our impetus, Loud Speaker Karaoke is born on the 08 August 2009 with her first outlet at Taman Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru. Loud Speaker is wholesome and your heartland karaoke joint where you will find affordable rates, value-added services and a friendly crew always welcoming your arrival.


Call Loudspeaker at 07 559 9998 for reservation now

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