QL Eggs Malaysia: FREE Half Boiled Egg Maker


Buy QL Eggs and redeem exciting gifts like QL Half Boiled Egg Maker, Baking Mitten Glove & Fridge Magnet for absolutely FREE!


Now – 31 August 2015


How to Redeem:

1) Collect your points with QL Eggs products:

2) Redeem any ONE of the items of choice:

i) QL Half Boiled Egg Maker

ii) Baking Mitten Glove

iii) Fridge Magnet

3) Submit your entries through one of the following methods:

i) Whatspp

ii) Physical Mail

iii) Facebook Private Message


About QL Eggs:

QL Eggs are produced by QL Poultry Farms Sdn Bhd, a member of QL Resources Bhd (QL). QL is one of Malaysia’s leading chicken egg producers, currently providing about 3 million eggs daily for the nourishment of Malaysians.

QL’s chickens are very well taken care of. We have been in business for over 25 years and we give great care to our chickens, so that they produce quality eggs for our consumers and profits for us.

QL Eggs are specially selected from the chickens that are healthy and in their best productive age. Our trained workers will select only fresh and clean eggs to pack as QL Deli Fresh, QL Omega and QL Sakura. The idea is simple. Healthy chickens nurtured in a clean environment fed with nutritious feed produce high quality nutritious eggs for your family.


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