Uncle Tetsu Chocolate Cheesecake RM10 Promotion


Enjoy the latest Uncle Tetsu Chocolate Cake for only RM10 this 30th October 2015! Offer valid at all Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake outlets nationwide.


30th October 2015



10am until night!



Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake outlets nationwide

Uncle Tetsu 1 Utama, Uncle Tetsu Sunway Pyramid, Uncle Tetsu Pavilion KL, Uncle Tetsu Summerton Penang, Uncle Tetsu Alma Bukit Mertajam


Terms & Conditions:

a. Limited 1 cake per customer per transaction
b. Signature Cheesecake will not be available on 30th Oct 2015
c. RM 10/Cake for Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake new flavor only (Chocolate Flavor)


About Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake:

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake is promoting the concept of freshness with it’s hourly fresh baked concept,

We encourage customers to buy and consume the cake warm and fresh, direct from the oven. A warm Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake will have extremely cotton soft and fluffy texture, with a big bite, the mouth will be filled with tantalizing cheese, eggs & milk aroma.

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake outlets are always crowded with customers who are queuing for the freshly baked cheesecake, and due to the limited supply of freshly baked cakes, customers only allowed to purchase one cake per transaction during peak hour. and 2 cakes during non-peak hour


Visit your preferred Uncle Tetsu outlet to enjoy RM10 promotion.

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