McDonald’s Restaurant: New Pie a-la-Mode


Introducing the all-new Pie a-la-Mode from McDonald’s Restaurant: Apple Pie with Sundae, Tropical Pie and Tropical Pie with Sundae!


22nd Feb 2016 onwards



McDonald’s Restaurants nationwide


About McDonald’s Pie a-la-Mode:

Pie a-la-mode is often thought as a fancy way of enjoying desserts reserved for only the special occasions. But now, you can enjoy it any time, any day because the new limited time only Pie a-la-mode desserts have arrived at McDonald’s Malaysia!

Now you can enjoy your favorite McDonald’s Apple Pie with our famous soft-served Sundae along with a drizzle of chocolate or strawberry. Sounds like a treat doesn’t it?

Presented in a cup, the Apple Pie is split into two halves, then our famous soft-served Sundae is piped into the cup and everything is topped with a drizzle of chocolate or strawberry topping. Every spoonful will contain a little bit of crispy apple piecrust, hot apple chunks, cold Sundae and sweet topping. The rich flavors and multitude of textures that fill every mouthful is simply tantalizing.

After awhile, the piecrust softens, the Sundae starts to melt and everything combines into a beautifully delicious mess, turning it into a different kind of enjoyment all together.

If Apple Pie is too mainstream for you, try our new Tropical Pie. The Tropical Pie is a party of textures thanks to its filling that is made from Red Dragon Fruit, Pineapple and Nata De Coco Bits, all wrapped in a crunchy pie crust. You can enjoy it on its own or have it served with Sundae and topping too. Now, that is an indulgent combination!


Visit your nearest McDonald’s Restaurant to enjoy your favourite pie in sundae!

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