Kiss The Tiramisu Malaysia: Opening at Sunway Pyramid & Velocity


Kiss The Tiramisu Malaysia will be opening at Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Velocity soon! Stay tuned for the classic tiramisu and ice-cream from South Korea!

Opening Date:

Kiss The Tiramisu Sunway Pyramid: 18th August 2017


Kiss The Tiramisu Malaysia Location:

Kiss The Tiramisu Sunway Pyramid

Kiss The Tiramisu  Sunway Velocity


About Kiss The Tiramisu Malaysia:

It was a sunny day in summer that we came to question why we have had Tiramisu only in the form of cake. That small idea became the beginning of a small Tiramisu Ice Cream store in Hongdae. Now, Kiss the Tiramisu is growing everyday with your love. Now, meet this unbelievably fascinating Tiramisu dessert in Kiss the Tiramisu.

The wait is finally over. Kiss The Tiramisu, the popular South Korean Tiramisu soft-serve ice cream joint, opening in Malaysia soon!


Stay tuned for the grand opening date of Kiss The Tiramisu in Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Velocity!

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