How to Check Saman Polis Trafik PDRM Online & via SMS


Find out how to check summons and compounds issued by Polis Trafik PDRM (Saman Polis Trafik PDRM) online and also via SMS!

How to check Saman Polis Trafik PDRM via SMS:

Using your mobile phone,

type POLIS SAMAN <your IC number> or <your car registration number> & send to 15888

  • Example 1: Type POLIS SAMAN WMG6383 and send to 15888
  • Example 2: Type POLIS SAMAN 88101110XXXX and send to 15888

Each SMS sent will be charged RM0.20.


How to check Saman Polis Trafik PDRM Online:

1. Official Sistem Semakan Online portal by Royal Malaysia Police / Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM)

Official website:

2. MYEG Portal

Official website:

3. Rilek e-services

Official website:


*You are required to register as a user before online checking of summons and compounds can be done. Kindly follow step-by-step instructions on respective website.


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